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Rack Mount Power Strips & Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Custom and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) AC Power Strips offer reliable and rugged power distribution. A full line of basic, metered, and monitored power strips are available with many standard and optional features including: digital power meters; remote current and voltage monitoring, outlet control & switching, sequencing and remote on/off/reboot, and more. Please review our diverse portfolio of power strips and PDUs.

Power Strip Type Comparison

Basic Power Strips
  • Branch Circuit Protection
  • Custom Design Flexibility
  • NEMA & IEC Outlets
  • Single & Three Phase
  • Rack Mountable: 19", 33", 66", & more
  • Slim 0U Power Strips at only 1.73" Wide
  • Available TVS and Filtering in a 0U Power Strip
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Metered Power Strips
  • Local Power Meter: Voltage, Amperage, Active Power (watts), and Power Factor
  • Bright LED Display That Can Be Seen 15 Feet from Unit
  • Properly Load and Balance Each Circuit from Power using Metered Power Strip
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AC Switched PDUs
  • Switched/Sequenced Power to System Components with Time-Delay Sequence
  • Remote Cycling: Sequence Outlets to Prevent Current Overload, Power Up, Power Down
  • On/Off Master Power & Individual Outlets
  • Outlet Status On, Off, Fault
  • Remote Cycling Capabilities
  • Optional: Monitor Internal/External Temperature of Unit
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Rugged Construction
Vertical PDUs
Horizontal PDUs
Local LED Display
Current Monitoring
Voltage Monitoring
Ethernet Communication
Remote Outlet Switching
Remote Sequencing
Remote On/Off

Featured Power Strips & PDUs

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Metered AC Power Strip

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Switched AC Power Strip

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