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Night Vision Device Test Set

API Technologies night vision device (NVD) test set helps military personnel determine the quality of function of standard Gen II and Gen III night vision goggles, weapon sights, and drivers’ viewers. The NVD Test Set is used in the field to ensure Gen II and Gen III night vision devices are working within predetermined specifications.

The NVD Test Set provides a near infrared (NIR), uniformly-illuminated target within the unit that indicates if the user’s night vision device is out of calibration. A toggle switch on the NVD Test Set allows users to select high and low light level conditions, while a second toggle switch allows users to choose between Gen II and Gen III night vision devices.

TPS75 Tactical Power Supply Solution


API’s NVD Test Set meets MIL-STD requirements for shock and vibration as well as EMI/EMC requirements. The resolution target (shown above) of the widely accepted 1951 USAF resolution test pattern, conforms to MIL-STD-150A.


Night Vision Devices (NVD)

Subject to export control under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Unauthorized exportation is prohibited.  

Night Vision Devices (NVD)

Tests US Military Gen II and Gen III Night Vision Devices (NVD) including goggles, weapon sights, and driver’s viewers.  

Night Vision Devices (NVD)

Uses commercially available 9V batteries with a run time of 10,000 hours on a single battery  

Night Vision Devices (NVD)

Compact and lightweight, this unit includes:

  • Test Set with goggle adapter and lens cap
  • Weapon sight adapter
  • Drivers viewer adapter
  • Carrying bag
  • shipping/storage hard case
Rugged Mobile 150 Amp DC Power Rectifier

Built in Calibration Sensor  

Night Vision Test Set