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Metered AC Rack Mount Power Strips

Metered Power Strips

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Metered Power Strips


About Metered Power Strips

API Technologies' Rack Mount Metered Rack Mount Power Strip and PDU Collection are equipped with a local power meter in every unit. The bright power meter display provides accurate measurements on an easy to read screen that is viewable up to 15 feet away from unit to ensure maximum protection against unintentional overload. This meter displays voltage, amperage, active power (watts), and power factor.

The primary benefit of using metered PDUs is the ability to take the guesswork out of properly distributing and balancing loads between circuits and power strips. Metered power strips and PDUs are vital tools in efficient distribution of power for safe equipment installation.

All API Technologies strips are fully customizable, and we can tailor any solution you'd like. API Technologies' line of monitored power strips come in a variety of configurations. If you don't see the exact solution you need, please speak to one of our sales representatives to learn more about what we can do to meet your needs.


  • Local Power Meter: Voltage, Amperage, Active Power (watts), and Power Factor
  • Bright LED Display That Can Be Seen 15 Feet from Unit
  • Properly Load and Balance Each Circuit from Power using Metered Power Strip

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