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Power Distribution, Circuit Protection, Rugged Field Packaging, COTS or Custom Solutions for Oil & Gas

Power Distribution for First Mile Wireless(FMW) initiatives

API Technologies offers high reliability power distribution support for the digital oil field. FMW connects the most remote wellhead to the central office, helping operators and their partners better manage drilling and production operations. API Technologies offers tactical AC and DC PDUs that support the FMW network with reliability and longevity reducing TOC, and Operation Expense.

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Improve Plant Integrity and production

Environmental and safety regulations can impact Operation Expenditure. Operators need tactical power distribution to ensure uptime and safety.

API Technologies has a line of tactical power distribution products that optimize plant assets, from networks to drilling equipment. The High reliability, tactical PDUS operate across a wide temperature range, and offer web-based remote monitoring and power cycling.

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Oil & Gas Capabilities

Typical applications include:
  • Command & Control Systems
  • Reconnaissance C4ISR Systems
  • Military Shelters
  • Training & Simulation
  • Fielded Generators
  • Forward Operating Base/Tactical
  • Tactical Vehicles & Equipment
  • Secure Communications
  • UAV Ground Stations
  • Military Electronics
  • Size/Weight/Volume Reduction
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Aerospace/High Frequency
  • Critical Weapons Equipment
  • Mission Control Shelters