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Commercial & Industrial

High-Reliability PDUs & Power Strips for Commercial, Industrial, IT, Communications, Data Centers, and Health Care

Commercial, IT, and Industrial Application Solutions

API Technologies' Power Solutions designs, develops, and manufacturers quality off-the-shelf and application-specific AC and DC power distribution, power panels, and circuit protection solutions. We have also developed products as an OEM/ODM international partner to the industry's top names.

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Communications Solutions

Power Requirements in data centers continue to grow as does scrutiny towards efficiency and claims towards being "green". Therefore, it is best to choose scalable and flexible solutions that are able to grow with the increasing network demands. API has created a portfolio of 0U, 1U, 2U, and specialty solution designs to fit your growing needs. We excel at being an OEM vendor who designs solutions to fit all budgets and complexities. Our products are available in Single Phase as well as 3 Phase Delta or Wye, with power meters and monitoring capability. The communications/data center industry has utilized our units in several applications.

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Data Rack & IT Solutions

API Technologies produces a number of off-the-shelf and specialty AC and DC power solutions for applications specific to Data Racks and IT Solutions. Our broad range of capabilities and in-house design and engineering teams allow us to work with our clients one on one and satisfy even the most unique requirements. To learn how we may meet your needs contact a sales representatives or submit a quote request today!

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Green Power Solutions

The best way to ensure maximum efficiency is to utilize power monitoring equipment. Without monitoring, you will not be able to see power consumption trends and make effective decisions on what pieces of equipment need to be replaced or which ones should be repurchased for future installations. With API Technologies' Power Solutions, you can replace basic power strips with advanced power strips that monitor connected devices; consider power strips with additional features such as switching to control the on/off operation of idle equipment or devices that do not need to be in operation 24/7; utilize 208V, 230V, or 3 phase power whenever possible; and receive email alerts from advanced PDUs that notify you when a device is operating outside the desired operating range.

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Health Care Solutions

We realize how critical it is to have medical equipment receive unimpeded power. That is why API strives to produce the most reliable power distribution products available. Several of our designs feature remote and/or local monitoring, alarm capabilities, and circuit breakers designed to prevent accidental actuation to the OFF position. API's products have been used in several medical applications.

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Industrial Solutions

As complex power demands and the need for efficiency continue to grow, many companies in the industrial market are looking for devices that can provide greater capability to distribute larger amounts of power. API can help fulfill your power distribution requirements. Our portfolio of standard products can provide up to 22.08 KVA. Products are available to power AC or DC appliances, and we can support Single and 3 Phase power infrastructure to the cabinet.

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Commercial Capabilities

Typical applications include:
  • Data Centers/Data Storage
  • Network Operating Centers
  • Financial Centers
  • Voice Over IP-VOIP
  • Kiosks
  • Emergency Management and Planning Command Center
  • Wind Turbine Power Plants
  • Rig Command Center Oil Process Equipment
  • Portable Solar Powered Equipment
  • Portable Transit Case Communications Equipment
  • Hospital Data Centers
  • High-Powered Testing   Equipment
  • Portable Charging Carts
  • Scientific Instrumentation Cabinets
  • Process Control Infrastructure