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In Stock Products, Short Lead Time

In Stock Products, Short Lead Time

DC SMARTStart®, AC SMARTStart® Jr., Hawk-i, and PDUs

API Technologies’ Power and System Solutions group is pleased to announce the availability of some if its most popular products now with reduced lead times. View our Standard Solutions Guide.



DC solid state switched PDU with remote power cycling is available in -48 or +24/+28 VDC. The DC SMARTStart® enables users to remotely power up devices when needed, turn them off when not needed, and recycle power on or off to reboot connected devices. Learn More

AC SMARTStart® Jr. Distribution Series

AC SMARTStart® intelligent switched and sequenced PDUs provide local and remote control (Telnet, SNMP, or Web) to outlet groups. These units monitor input line voltage, total load current, and line frequency. Each PDU has circuit protection and power-on current limits. Optional features include alarm sensors; security sensors; limit switches; and remote emergency power off (EPO). Learn More


Video Aiming Device for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robots takes the guesswork out of aiming your PAN™ disrupters utilizing a camera and a rangefinder to automatically place crosshairs on your monitor. As you approach a target the crosshairs shift based on your range to the target to show operators the true point of impact for their shot. The system also displays range to target in the upper left corner of the video image.Learn More

Basic AC Powerstrips

  • Single Phase, Three Phase and Split Phase options
  • 0U Packaging, 1.73" with TVS and fitlering
  • NEMA, IEC, Global
  • Branch Circuit Protection: Circuit Breakers, Fuses

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