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Video Aiming Device For Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robots


Gold Award Winner: 2011 Edison Awards Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device uses a camera and rangefinder mounted to the end of the PAN barrel. The system will adapt to any robotic platform that shoots a PAN Disrupter. The crosshairs are overlayed on the video image and then sent back to the robot control station through the robots weapons port. The Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device utilizes a camera and a rangefinder to automatically place crosshairs on your monitor. Crosshairs automatically adjust based on the range to the target.

While approaching a target, the crosshairs shift based on your range to the target to show operators the true point of impact for their shot. No calibration is required and no adjustments are needed by the operator to account for the range to the target. It takes less than 5 minutes to integrate the aiming system to the robotic platform. The system also displays range to target in the upper left corner of the video image. With the Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device, promotes a more accurate shot.

The Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device can also be utilized in conjunction with the Cobra Sight™ Laser Aiming Device.

Gold Award Winner: 2011 Edison Awards Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device

Gold Award Winner: 2011 Edison Awards Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device
Hawki-i™ Video Aiming Device

Crosshairs are projected on to operator’s video monitor and are automatically updated based on range to target; Provides crosshairs for dual barrels through one system.  

Hawki-i™ Video Aiming Device

Range to target is displayed on operator’s video monitor; Requires access to one analog video channel on a robotic platform.  

Hawki-i™ Video Aiming Device

Sealed enclosure for environment and shock resistance; 5-minute integration; No external monitor or hardware required at the robot’s base station.  

Hawki-i™ Video Aiming Device

Minimum Standoff Distance: 9 inches2; Maximum Standoff Distance: 48 inches2; No calibration required.  

Hawki-I Video Aiming Device Download Datasheet


  • 12 V input / 200mA
  • Works with all standards Pan Configurations (Must Specify): Over Under / Side By Side / Single Barrels (Minimum Separation distance of 2.75" for dual barrel configurations)
  • For more detailed specifications, download the datasheet.

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Video: Hawk-i™ Automatic Range & Trajectory Aiming System