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Welcome to Power Solutions by API Technologies!

API Technologies' Power Solutions is a well-respected manufacturer of power strips, power distribution units, and circuit protection systems for both DC and AC power applications. Off-the-shelf solutions include AC Switched PDUs, DC Switched PDUs, Military/Rugged Power Panels, Rugged AC & DC Power Distribution Units, Rugged Rectifiers and Power Supplies, Box Builds & Build-to-Print solutions, and more.

We specialize in COTS, Tailored Off-the-Shelf, and Custom Power Distribution & Power Conversion for OEM Partners in Military, Oil & Gas, Commercial, Industrial, and Federal IT & AV Markets.

  • Telecom Power Solutions
  • Intelligent AC PDU
  • Rack Mount AC Power Strips
  • Military Power Solutions
  • AC Switched PDU
  • IT Power Solutions
  • Power Entry & Export Panels
  • Communication Power Solutions
  • Three Phase Power Distribution Units
  • Health Care Power Solutions
  • DC Rack Mount Power Strips