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Power Supplies
150 or 75 Amp DC output options
For powering command & control communications systems and other critical EW & weapons equipment.
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Power Distribution Units
in both AC and DC options
Designed to remotely control power loads and monitor vital parameters such as line voltage, total load current and line frequency.
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Power Distribution Units
& Power Entry Panels
Capable of performing in extreme temperatures, and able to withstand shock, vibration, water exposure, high concentrations of sand, dust, salt fog, and meets the DOD performance requirements of MIL-STD 810.

Welcome to Power Solutions by API Technologies!

API Technologies' Power Solutions is a well-respected manufacturer of power strips, power distribution units, and circuit protection systems for both DC and AC power applications. Off-the-shelf solutions include AC Switched PDUs, DC Switched PDUs, Military/Rugged Power Panels, Rugged AC & DC Power Distribution Units, Rugged Rectifiers and Power Supplies, Box Builds & Build-to-Print solutions, and more.

  • AC Switched PDU
  • Portable Power Supply
  • Military Power Solutions
  • AC Switched PDU
  • IT Power Solutions
  • Power Entry & Export Panels
  • Communication Power Solutions
  • Three Phase Power Distribution Units