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DC Switched Power Distribution Unit

DC SMARTStart Switched Power Distribution

DC SMARTStart® Switched/Sequenced PDU



  • Intelligent DC Switched PDU: SNMP, Telnet, or Web Interface
  • Remote control capability by means of LAN TCP/IP socket or RS-232 serial console port
  • Monitors line voltage,circuit breaker status, and internal temperature
  • On board 6 month event log
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Solid state electronic circuit breaker technology
  • UL listed and NEBS Level 3 certified. Complies to FCC and CE requirements
  • The ROCBs may be used to switch power on or off to each output side (A or B) either locally or remotely
  • LVD (low voltage disconnect) & OVD (over voltage disconnect) using user defined values
  • Independent programmable power on and off sequencing delays to reduce/manage the level of inrush current transients
  • Front Panel push buttons for local output control. Output status is displayed through individual tri-colored LEDs for each output

About the DC SMARTStart Switched Power Distribution Unit

The DC SMARTStart® is a -48 or +24/+28 VDC power distribution unit with circuit protection to reliably cycle power to devices with DC power supplies. The DC Switched Power Distribution Unit uses specialized electronic switchable solid state breakers to provide a true remote power cycling capability. To minimize the downtime, this PDU family has a breaker auto reset function. The on-board computer will pole the tripped channel position to determine whether there is indeed a fault, such as a short circuit. If this condition is determined to be non catastrophic, the breaker is reset. The client is able to disable this feature if desired. The unit also features integral circuitry to provide LVD and OVD protection automatically.

The DC SMARTStart® PDU will permit the network operator the ability to power cycle all 12 solid state breakers as well as the 2 ROCB mains breakers. Refer to the Ordering Information table for respective trip currents. The DC Switched PDU features a visual basic (VB) Interface to program the power up/down sequence and power up/down delays for each channel, along with the LVD and OVD thresholds. There are numerous remote operated circuit breaker values available that provide primary current protection to the PDU and down stream equipment controlled by the PDU. The ROCBs are UL listed primary circuit protection to the six outputs on side A and B. Our newest high current, direct feed version provides easy power cycling to +48VDC powered routers/switches, DSLAMS and other enterprise-related equipment via remote activated circuit breakers rated up to 100 Amps.

The DC Switched PDU is capable of monitoring line voltage, circuit breaker status and internal temperature to provide the required power and circuit protection to connected equipment. Operational control is performed either manually by front panel push buttons or remotely through either an RS-232 serial console port 10/100 BASE-T or LAN TCP/IP socket or telnet session.

The DC SMARTStart® is the ideal DC power distribution and circuit protection solution for Unmanned Vehicles, Command Post Platforms, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), XDSL applications, CATV enterprises, and blade servers. The DC SMARTStart® and power monitoring set have been employed together or individually in various applications in many industries. These devices provide reliable remote-managed power to the Military, Oil & Gas, Medical, Industrial, Communications, and Telco industries, as well as data centers throughout the world. It is used to power several devices including blades, servers, switches, communications equipment, unmanned vehicles, simulators, and Command Post Platforms.

More Features:

  • Auto reset to nuisance trip breakers (up to 3 times prior to alarm threshold alert of breaker trip - user configurable).
  • Flash upgradeable in the field without disruption of power to loads.
  • Optional design to provide high ampacity output available to capacity of 100A on each A & B output.
  • Three form C relay contacts available for alarm notification. Programmable at factory.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for DC SMARTStart® Switched Power Distribution

Input and Output

Part Number Input Voltage Input Current Output Steady State Load (Max) Factory Set Trip Current (Nominal)
7832S60 -48 60 Amps 12 x 10 Amps 11.5 Amps
7832S60-01 -48 60 Amps 8 x 5 Amps, 4 x 10 Amps 5.75 Amps & 11.5 Amps
7832S60-04 -48 60 Amps 10 x 3 Amps, 2 x 20 Amps 11.5 Amps & 23 Amps
7832S60-05 -48 60 Amps 12 x 20 Amps 23 Amps
7832S60-07 -48 60 Amps 8 x 5 Amps, 4 x 20 Amps 5.75 Amps & 23 Amps
7832S60-08 -48 60 Amps 12 x 5 Amps 5.75 Amps
7832S60-10 -48 60 Amps 2 x 5 Amps, 10 x 10 Amps 5.75 Amps & 11.5 Amps
7832S100-03 -48 100 Amps 12 x 15 Amps 17.25 Amps
7832S100-08 -48 100 Amps 8 x 10 Amps, 4 x 20 Amps 11.5 Amps & 23 Amps
7832S6024 +24 60 Amps 12 x 10 Amps 11.5 Amps
7832S10024-01 +24 100 Amps 12 x 10 Amps 11.5 Amps
7832S10024-02 +24 100 Amps 8 x 15 Amps, 4 x 20 Amps 17.25 Amps & 23 Amps
7832S10024-07 +24 100 Amps 12 x 10 Amps 23 Amps

Physical and Environmental

Size (Overall) 17.25”W x 1.75”H x 8.00”D
(43.8cm W x 4.44cm H x 20.4cm D)
Weight 13.3 lbs. (6.1 kg)
Operating Temp 0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
Operating Humidity 0 - 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Elevation 0 - 10,000 ft. (0 - 3000 m)