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Cobra Sight™ Laser Aiming Device

Cobra Sight Laser Aiming Device

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with all PAN™ Disrupters
  • No removal required before a shot is taken
  • Minimum Standoff Distance: 7 inches
  • Sealed enclosure for shock and vibration
  • No calibration required for specific ranges
  • Two line lasers to produce a true crosshair
  • True boresight technology
  • OEM, ODM, COTS, and Custom Capabilities Available!
  • When used in union with the Hawk-i™ Video Aiming Device, the effectiveness and accuracy of aiming at targets increases


  • Robot-Mount Version: 12 V/200mA
  • PAN Stand Version: 2 AA Batteries
  • ON / OFF controlled through General I/O from robotic platform or External switch
  • High Powered Red Class II Laser

Product Information

The Cobra Sight™ Laser Aiming Device is an inventive new tactical device which utilizes true boresight technology. With this aiming device the end of the barrel remains uncovered, making zeroing in both fast and simple. Two line lasers project a true crosshair on the target for ranges greater than 6 inches without adjustment. The Cobra Sight™ Laser aiming system enables people to act quicker, as the aiming device makes zeroing in faster. With a more accurate aim, less misfires and mistakes will occur because of shot placement issues and more precise shot is guaranteed.

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Cobra Sight Aiming Device