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Audio Power Conditioners and Cords

Audio Power Conditioners and Cords

Audio Power Conditioners and Cords

Running Springs Audio, Clean Power Pure Sound

Made in the U.S.A.

Running Springs Audio's power conditioners and power cords are the choice of prestigious shows such as CES, Munich Hi-Fi, CEDIA, Hong Kong Hi-Fi, National Hi-Fi, and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Running Springs Audio (RSA) Power Devices are designed and manufactured by hand with Proprietary Precision Capacitance Technology (PPCT) to provide managed, differential power distribution to audio/video systems. The dynamic nature of RSA Power Devices is threefold:

  • To stabilize AC ripple noise, minimize voltage swings, manage proper voltage velocities and allow for unimpeded current propagation - line voltage irregularities and fluctuations can lead to a compressed sense of dynamics and diminished sound stage density.
  • To significantly eliminate transient harmonics found in the vast majority of electrical topographies in today's high-tech world (most serious being the power supplies of your own components, household computers, appliances and audio/video electronic devices) by lowering the noise floor and filter line noise caused by a multitude of sources without the addition of sonic color and destruction of dynamics.
  • To provide safety measures to insure against component threatening blackouts, brownouts, and severe line spikes without limiting current.


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